FSBI "VNIIOkeangeologia"
Leading Research Institute in the field of marine geology

Researching of the oil-and-gas-bearing capacity of the Continental Shelf of Russia

FSBI «VNIIOkeangeologiya» holds the leading role in the discovery and study of hydrocarbon deposits on the Russian shelf (mainly on the Arctic, in analyzing the results of exploration for the study of the oil and gas shelf resources; development of the strategic planning and monitoring of licensing activities for the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Rosnedra.

The constant scientific and technical goal of the FSBI “VNIIOkeangeologia” is monitoring the state of the mineral resource base of hydrocarbons and information and analytical support for the licensing process. In accordance with the Order of Roskomnedra № 211 of 31 December 1992 “On the Scientific, Methodological and Informational Support of the Use of the subsoil of the Continental Shelf and Maritime Exclusive Zone” The Federal State Budgetary Institution “VNIIOkeangeologia” was entrusted with the functions of the leading scientific, analytical, informational and expert agency at the Russian Geological Committee in the area of ​​subsoil use of the continental shelf and the marine exclusive economic zone of Russia. To ensure these functions, the Institute solves the problem of keeping record of licensing facilities on the shelf and preparing proposals on the procedure, terms and conditions for holding tenders for the right to use the subsurface resources of the continental shelf of Russian Federation for Rosnedra.

In FSBI «VNIIOkeangeologiya» in the framework of studying the oil and gas potential of the Arctic and the oceans the following work is being carried out:

  • development of theoretical and methodological foundations of marine petroleum geology;
  • creation of a geological basis for forecasting and performing a qualitative and quantitative forecast of oil, gas and condensate resources on the arctic continental shelf of the Russian Federation; 
  • information and analytical support for subsoil use throughout the continental shelf of the Russian Federation, including the justification of the strategy for studying and developing hydrocarbon raw materials in the current economic situation and the preparation of the project of relevant state programs; 
  • complex geological and economic assessment of resource objects of various ranks; 
  • information training and monitoring of the licensing process; 
  • modeling of the future development of the mineral resource base; development of legal documentation, etc. preliminary assessment of the hydrocarbon potential of the deep-sea zones of the Arctic Ocean;
  • expert examination of marine oil and gas exploration programs and geological reports on facilities carried out at the expense of the state budget; 
  • geochemistry of dispersed sediment organic matter and its indicator functions in the processes of sedimentation, diagenesis and naphtidogenesis. 
  • the study of natural gas hydrates as a potential source of hydrocarbon raw materials and a component of the geological environment, complicating economic activities during the development of natural resources.

Regional geological and geophysical works on the Priyamalsky part of the South Karelian shelf are conducted by the Marine Seismic Exploration Department.