FSBI "VNIIOkeangeologia"
Leading Research Institute in the field of marine geology

Study of the oil-and-gas content of the Russian shelf

  1. establishment of geological basis for forecasting and fulfillment of qualitative and quantitative forecast of the oil, gas and condensate resources of the Arctic continental shelf of the Russian Federation;
  2. justification of the prospective oil and gas facilities in the Arctic shelf of Russia, including using the modern technologies of basin modeling;
  3. consultations on the selection of the optimal sequence and volumes of geological exploration works in the specific areas of the continental shelf;
  4. complex lithologic-petrographic, biostratigraphic, geochemical studies of core and sets of samples;
  5. stratigraphic dissection of the section based on the GIS data;
  6. conduction of the complex geochemical surveys for presorting of the prospective local structures and delineation of the possible oil and gas deposits;
  7. laboratory determination of the organic carbon content, Ccarb, spectrofluorimetry, bituminology, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry of hydrocarbon markers.
  8. complex works to assess the prospects of gas hydrate formation within marine licensed areas in order to identify and assess the risks caused by the presence of gas hydrates during the development of offshore oil and gas fields.